Holiday eats day 1: Travelling to Cinque Terre

30 Apr

It took a really long time to get to Vernazza, where we were staying in Cinque Terre, but the hours of travelling paid off when we finally reached our cute little B&B Albergo Barbara at sundown. The sun was casting everything in a beautiful golden glow and our room, although spare and simple, was clean with a stunning view. We were ready for our holiday!


A quickly scoffed down yogurt and granola pot from M&S before passing through customs at the airport.


– Mediterranean chicken salad, Apostrophe
– Classic fruit salad and caramel egg, M&S  (while reading last month’s issue of Vanity Fair)


– Mussels in white wine & butter
– Polpo (octopus) & potatoes

We were pretty hungry and picked Gianni Franzi, a restaurant on the piazza outside our B&B, which was mentioned in one of the guides as a place with decent food. As the first holiday meal, it was rather disappointing. The mussels were tasty enough, but I was disappointed by my mains of octopus. Maybe I’ve been spoilt by a truly amazing octopus dish I had in Puglia last year, but this one lacked depth of flavour and the texture had no satisfying bite and springiness. The meal didn’t come cheap either. You could definitely eat better at other places in Vernazza and at a cheaper price.

Gianni Franzi
Piazza G. Marconi
Vernazza, Italy 


The day had to end with something sweet after such an underwhelming dinner. Luckily, I’d brought a double chocolate chip cookie bought from Chelsea Farmers’ market with me on the trip. I polished that off while catching up on tweets from the day.


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