Windy day on Primrose Hill

1 May

Today’s pictures are brought to you by Instagram, the easy way to make crappy pictures look arty and low-fi.


– Rye & currant toast with sliced strawberries, drizzled with honey from Cinque Terre
– Blueberries


– Wholewheat spaghetti with Ligurian pesto brought back from Cinque Terre
– Smoked peppered mackerel


Was persuaded to go to Primrose Hill for a picnic. That means snacking on cheesy crisps, cheese, crispbread and grapes. It was pretty, but very windy. Brrrr!


– Bento box set: miso soup, salmon roll, prawn tempura & chicken teriyaki

Fairly decent, although the chicken teriyaki was overly sweet. But it’s a nice setting for dinner and the price is quite reasonable. Seems to be owned by the Leong’s Legend people.

Hi Sushi
3 Camden Wharf
Camden Lock, London

 After dinner

Something sweet to finish the day when I got home – grape jelly with nata de coco.


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