Holiday eats day 4: To Florence

2 May

Florence – a city I’ve long wanted to visit. It didn’t disappoint with its beauty, culture and art. Am now in love with Botticelli paintings and Florentine pastries.


With an early start to catch the train to Florence, there wasn’t time to linger outside with pastries. Breakfast was apple & cinnamon flapjacks from Graze while waiting for our train.


– Salad with grilled vegetables
– Dessert of the day: tiramisu with chocolate pieces

We needed a little respite from all the carbs, so it was just a salad for lunch. And I can never resist ordering something sweet while on holiday.

Osteria de’ Peccatori
Piazza San Firenze
Florence, Italy 


Don’t be fooled by the picture. This was not a good gelato. I’ve discovered I don’t like gelato mousse – it’s got something to do with the texture. Taste-wise, the pistachio and nutella weren’t too bad, but the cone was terribly stale. I had to throw away more than half the gelato and cone. What a waste of my money and calories. When in Florence, avoid the gelato at Coronas Cafe.


– Bistecca
– Grilled vegetables

I’ve learnt my lesson. If you want a good dinner in Florence, make a reservation. We wanted to eat at Sapori, but it was full, so we wandered around looking for something else. Luckily, K had read up about Pazzi and we managed to snare the last table at this place. Pazzi seemed a little out of the main stretch, but was still filled with a mix of locals and Americans. My steak was done to perfection – slightly crusty on the outside, melty and so flavoursome on the inside.

Osteria dei Pazzi
Via dei Lavatoi, 1
Florence, Italy


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