Holiday eats day 6: Arrivederci Florence

4 May

How time flies! This holiday has yielded so many wonderful memories. I want to visit again someday.


Claudio, the B&B owner was incredibly sweet. On hearing that K liked pistachio, he arranged to have a pistachio pastry as part of our breakfast spread. I didn’t stuff myself as much as the day before, only eating the equivalent of 2 croissants (pistachio, chocolate, plain, sesame), half a kiwi and some honey lemon tea to wash it all down.


A rather unexciting lunch of foccace with ham and cheese at Pisa airport


On the flight back to London:
– Golden Delicious apple, accompanied by Intelligent Life magazine*
– Honey & fennel peanuts, Graze

* What a find Intelligent Life is. Lots of interesting, well-written articles and lovely photos – perfect for a holiday read. I’m now considering a subscription. Just reading the Six steps to a full English article will make your mouth water.


Half a pot of M&S Super Green soup while catching up on news of the day


Consoling myself on the end of a wonderful holiday with a dorayaki from Minamoto Kitchoan and admiring some of my holiday buys


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