Commuting woes

10 May

Ugh. Today’s journey into work was not fun at all. I’m beginning to develop a dislike for London Overground trains. My train got cancelled, so I had to take a longer, more complicated route which made me 45 minutes late for work. The irony of it all is there was a poster on the train stating that last year, London Overground trains were running within 5 minutes of stated times for 96.7% of the time. Ha!


Dorset Cereals Really Nutty muesli with a banana, blueberries and natural yogurt


Assembled a santini tomato salad with roasted salmon flakes from M&S.


Kiwi, strawberries & blueberries


– Grilled chicken with chipotle peppers
– Onsen tamago, recipe from Harumi’s Japanese Cooking
– Choy sum with sesame oil and oyster sauce

Feels like ages since I’ve had dinner at home. It’s good to be home for a change.


One Response to “Commuting woes”

  1. Patrick Seow May 11, 2011 at 12:13 am #

    Very nice dinner, Jia.

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