Early mornings

12 May

The sun’s been rising quite early, so it’s not that painful to wake up early for 7am classes at the gym.


Marmite toast, red grapefruit and blueberries. Question: how do you eat grapefruit with a spoon? Juice squirts everywhere.


Camden Stables Market is super touristy, but at least the market has Asian food. This chicken and mixed vegetable curry and naan was actually quite good, and looked a little more authentic than the other food stalls.

After lunch

Freshly squeezed OJ from a stall outside Camden Lock


Mixed fruit (apple, grape, orange, melon) salad, Sainsbury’s


– Grilled peppered mackerel
– Portobello mushrooms with sesame seeds
– Miso soup with soft tofu and choy sum


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