I ♥ my GFs

14 May

A quiet low-key day with girlfriends after last night’s 3am finish. Good times.


– Rye & currant toast with manuka honey
– Red grapefruit and blueberries

Second attempt at eating grapefruit with a spoon, but it didn’t work out. Ended up cutting the halves into wedges and peeling them like an orange.


– Grilled portobello mushrooms on rye sourdough toast, not pictured
– Homemade currant scones, recipe from Good to the Grain, with clotted cream and strawberry jam
– Fruit salad (apple, banana, kiwi, strawberries & raspberries) with mint

Unexpectedly found the house to myself, so I took the opportunity to bake and had a friend over for an impromptu tea for girly bonding time.


– Som tum (papaya salad)
– Soft shell crab with curry powder
– Chicken pad prik (stir fried chicken with chili and sweet basil)
– Tofu with ginger and mixed veggies
– Brown rice & white rice

First time trying this place, despite it being a quick hop, skip and jump from my place. Not too bad, although portion sizes seem a little small. The soft shell crab was interesting – it didn’t come crispy as expected, but well, soft, doused in an eggy curried sauce. Quite tasty, but I think I prefer my soft shell crab with a little crunch.

The Thai
 177 New King’s Road
London SW6 4SW


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