It’s Monday already?

16 May

What made me really happy today was discovering a natural food shop near the office, so I can stock up on cashew nut butter and coconut water for the office. Do I sound like a hippie or what?


Dorset Cereals Really Nutty muesli with natural yogurt. Still only halfway through the box.


– Olives, pita & hummus
– Garlic chicken kebab & salad

I’m no expert on Turkish food, but I thought the hummus and salads were fresh, and the kebab nicely seasoned and cooked. The really sweet, friendly waitress and reasonable prices help too.

Opposite Nando’s, Kentish Town Road
London NW5


A Pink Lady apple and some mixed nuts


– Kim chee
– Grilled unagi
– Stir fried bak choy, choy sum & firm tofu with toasted sesame seeds

After dinner

– Raspberries & strawberries
– 1 homemade currant scone
– Coconut water

You really can taste the difference with these strawberries from the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range. Sweet!


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