Tired Tuesday

17 May

Today c-r-a-w-l-e-d. Didn’t help that I was quite tired from lack of sleep.


– Cashew nut butter toast
– Strawberries & raspberries
– Vita Coco Coconut water

I bought the wrong kind of cashew nut butter yesterday. It turned  out to be a cashew nut type of hummus, so it’s more gloopy and not as solid. Still tastes nice though.


– Smoked, flaked salmon with olive oil & chili
– Aubergine salad with yogurt

The portions were  a bit smaller than expected, but I enjoyed my meal all the same.

Kentish Canteen
300 Kentish Town Road
London NW5 2TG


Bowl of red & green grapes, strawberries & raspberries, and some mixed nuts


– Instant chacharoni (packet says noodle soup, but I ate it dry)
– Grilled unagi
– Bak choy with mini portobello mushrooms

Sometimes, you just need some junk food to end the day.

After dinner

You can’t have too many strawberries in a day, right?


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