It’s Friiiday, Friiiiday*

20 May


Wanted toast, but found my bread had gone mouldy, so it’s back to:

– Dorset Cereals Really Nutty muesli with milk
– Kiwi & red grapefruit

Lunch (part 1)

– Virgin Bloody Mary
– Pot of fries with sweet chili sauce, shared

People in the office were going for lunch/drinkies at the pub to celebrate a birthday, and I thought it only prudent to follow suit. Got to get to know people who work with you in the building, right?

The Abbey
124 Kentish Town Road
Kentish Town, London NW1 9QB

Lunch (part 2)

– M&S carrot & coriander soup with grilled chicken pieces
– Onion & linseed spelt crispbread

Had brought lunch to the office, so instead of eating at the pub, ate it back at my desk.


– 2 squares of M&S chocolate (milk with hazelnut, dark)
– Red & green grapes


Tired and too hungry to go shopping and cook properly, I scrounged around and came up with cod roe wholewheat spaghetti, portobello mushrooms and tomatoes.


– Loacker Tortina Original chocolate wafer, bought a few weeks ago in Florence
– King strawberries & blueberries
– Junk food: Percy Pigs from M&S, Green & Black’s dark chocolate with ginger

The sweet tastebuds demanded to be fed tonight. I have no idea why. Perhaps they wanted to celebrate the weekend.

* I’m very sorry for bringing up that song. That really is the best I could come up with. *FAIL*


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