Dinner at HIX

23 May


– Dorset Cereals Really Nutty museli with milk
– Vita Coco coconut water


– Carrot & coriander soup
– Salad of roasted salmon, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and grilled artichokes


Blueberries, strawberries & a Braeburn apple


– To drink: cocktail of cherry & sparkling wine
– Starter: onion & cheese tart
– Mains: Reg Johnson’s corn-fed chicken & gem heart salad with St Georges mushrooms and Orkney bacon
– To finish: chocolate truffles (I had just one)

G’s back in town, so I took the opportunity of booking a Toptable special at HIX, a place I’ve long wanted to try. We went with the 2 course menu, priced at a fairly reasonable £27.50. I was rather pleasantly surprised to see portions were quite substantial for a set menu, and was quite full by the end of it.

While the onion and cheese tart was delicious, I was less impressed by the chicken main. Although I couldn’t argue with how succulent the chicken breast was, the whole dish felt rather dry, and could have been elevated by a little sauce. Also, if there was any bacon on the dish, I totally missed it. G asked the waitress about it, and she conceded the dish wasn’t meant to have a lot of bacon, but should just have a sliver on top. So why put it on your menu eh? Guess that’ll teach me for ordering the boringest meat on the menu. G’s lamb with pearl barley, on the other hand, was lovely. Luckily I ended the meal on a sweet note with a very rich and alcoholy truffle.

HIX at The Albemarle 
Brown’s Hotel
33 Albemarle St
London, W1S 4BP


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