Back to ECC and trying out Cay Tre Soho

29 May


– Rye & currant toast with vanilla marron paste
– Blueberries & strawberries


– Chive mushrooms & onions on rye & sourdough pesto toast
– Herb tomatoes
– Leftovers from last night: roasted broccoli & teriyaki chicken


– 1 Lichfields milk chocolate & orange cookie
– Chocolate: 2 rows of Divine fruit & nut chocolate and Montezuma’s Spice It Up chocolate

Before dinner

Bloody Mary from ECC. Mmm dericious.


– To start: La Vong monkfish with dill
– Ox cheek pho

Having been to the original Old Street branch, I was expecting a good meal. Sadly, the monkfish lacked depth of flavour and the pho was disappointing. The broth was too oily and watered down, and the ox cheek slightly chewy. This could have been so much better – I hope it’s teething problems for the new branch.

Cay Tre
42-43 Dean Street
London W1D 4PZ


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    […] sister picked this place for dinner independently without knowing I’d had dinner here less than a week ago. We aren’t sisters for nothing. This second visit was better – the vermicelli was tasty […]

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