Lazy bank holiday Monday

30 May

I had plans to see the Ai Wei Wei exhibit at Somerset House today, but…I got lazy. So I stayed home, did laundry and caught up on the Great British Menu.


– Rye & currant toast with crunchy peanut butter and sliced banana on top
– Blueberries


– Pesto wholewheat spaghetti with yesterday’s leftover chive mushrooms & onion
– Roasted broccoli with garlic puree, pinenuts and black pepper

Reading material: May issue of Delicious magazine


– 1 Braeburn apple
– Cashew nuts
– 1 Dr Karg 3 seed spelt muesli crispbread


– Waitrose crunchy Oriental stir fry with chicken pieces
– Onsen tamago with tofu

After dinner

Couldn’t resist the siren call of something chocolatey, so I cracked open a jar of M&S chocolate hazelnut spread and ate a few spoonfuls straight out of the jar. Nutella still wins. After that, I had some mango.


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