Cay Tre Soho (round 2) and two desserts

4 Jun

Two days after she arrived in London, I finally managed to have dinner with my sister. My poor sister, I feel really bad for her. Her visit just happened to coincide with a really busy time at work, and she’s had to contend with a very tired and extremely grumpy version of myself.


– Three seed spelt toast with honey from Cinque Terre
– Red grapefruit & blueberries


– M&S carrot & coriander soup
– Rocket, spinach & watercress leaves with grilled artchokes, sundried tomatoes, olives and santini tomatoes
– Slice of three seed spelt toast

The same as yesterday, except with a slice of toast.


I was frustrated. And despite popping blueberries like candy and polishing off my king strawberries, I wanted something more solid. Luckily there were these Nutter Butters. I ate three of them.

Booze o’clock

Half a glass of prosecco with a strawberry. And yes, that is where I work. The shoe’s out of the bag.


– Mekong catfish, shared
– Sliced gourd, shared
– BBQ pork loin and spring rolls with vermicelli

My sister picked this place for dinner independently without knowing I’d had dinner here less than a week ago. We aren’t sisters for nothing. This second visit was better – the vermicelli was tasty (even if they used the wrong kind of noodle), vegetables really yummy and garlicky, and the catfish, although too salty, very flavoursome. Was especially tickled by our waiter’s total honesty in telling me which dishes to avoid. He made a face when I mentioned the aubergine with broken rice. If your Asian waiter says it sucks, it must be true!

Cay Tre Soho
 42-43 Dean Street
London W1D 4QD

Dessert no. 1

A very dissatisying raspberry millefeuille from Princi, which really surprised me, given how I’ve always had great success with the sweets there. The pastry tasted alright, but the berries were sour, and it seemed as if someone forgot to sweeten the cream. We only ate about half of the cake. That’s how bad it was.

135-137 Wardour St
London W1F 0UT

Dessert no. 2

While walking to the bus stop, we stopped by Gelupo just to have a look. How silly, you can’t just ‘look’ at gelato. Of course we walked out with a teeny cup each. I had chestnut, my sister had raspberry sorbet. A sweet finish to the night. Success!

7 Archer Street
London, W1D 7AU


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