Lunch at the Hinds Head

5 Jun


1 slice rye & currant toast with honey


– To drink: a bottle of rose, shared
– Snack: Devil on horseback (dried prune with chutney, and bacon wrapped over it), scotch egg, shared
– Starter: Meat fruit (with apple chutney), shared
– Mains: Rib-eye, bone marrow sauce, triple cooked chips, tenderstem broccoli
– Dessert: Lemon tart

What drama it was getting to the Hinds Head in Maidenhead! The tube wasn’t running to Paddington from our station, so we had to catch a cab. Hordes of people crowded the station, making ticket-buying a heart-stopping experience. That was followed by a quick jog to the other end of the station to our train platform. And to top it off, a delayed arrival at Maidenhead due to vandalism on the train tracks. But we made it there, and on time for our reservation. Phew.

It was worth the journey though. Everything was delicious, although the steak was just a touch dry at parts. It didn’t mar the enjoyment of the dish though. That bone marrow sauce…mmmm.

The Hinds Head
High St

Late afternoon

Today is total ice-cream weather. We went to Scoop at Covent Garden, and I got a cup of lemon and blood orange sorbet with a wafer.


Kway teow soup with extra veggies to finish the day.

C&R Cafe
4-5 Rupert Court
Soho / Piccadilly Circus


2 Responses to “Lunch at the Hinds Head”

  1. CK June 5, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    wow fantastic you girls made it out there after all!! looks like a pretty unique menu! hope it was delish!

    • Jia June 5, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

      Yes it was! You must go – I’ll go with you 🙂

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