Nopi and saying goodbye

5 Jun

And all too soon, my sister has returned to Singapore. It was a nice day out despite the rain.


– Chargrilled asparagus, romesco sauce, apple balsamic
– Special of the day: a North African dish* of two Italian eggs coddled in a pan with smoky red peppers
– Grilled sea bream, pickled pomelo, tamarind relish
– Miso quail, verjuice, grapes, honey

– Pineapple galette, pandan, coconut ice-cream (my sister’s)
–  Kaffir lime, meringue, tapioca, mango (mine)

One of the best meals I’ve had in a while. I was doing the happy food dance throughout. Every dish was delicious and I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite if you twisted my arm. Oh alright, if you insist. The special of the day was beautifully hearty – perfect for brunch, and the flavours of the salad in the sea bream were pure revelation. It tasted like a very refined yu sheng, probably because of the pomelo in the salad. If you haven’t eaten at Nopi, go book a table now. It’s worth the wait.

21-22 Warwick Street
London W1B 5NE

* Sadly I can’t remember what it’s called. Every time I try to remember it, my memory throws up Shah Rukh Khan. Oops.

Update (10/6): Found the name, it’s shakshuka. And thanks to the wonders of Google, have found a Smitten Kitchen recipe.


Genmaicha, Tombo 


Tofu bento box, takeaway from Tombo, eaten in the car on the way to Ronnie Scott’s


Poached pears and raspberry sorbet, Ronnie Scott’s

Listening to the orchestra play a slew of Cole Porter songs does wonders for melting away tiredness. Did you know that I’ve Got You Under My Skin was originally written about heroin? Me neither.

Ronnie Scott’s
47 Frith St
London W1D 4HT


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