Wet shoes

16 Jun

Heels to the rescue!

Totally not dressed for the downpour this morning (short white skirt, bare legs), and got my flats drenched walking into the office. This is why you keep a spare pair (or two) of shoes under your desk.


Dorset Cereals spelt muesli with blueberries, dried banana chips and natural yogurt


– Tenderstem broccoli & cherry tomatoes
– Spelt toast with cashew butter
– Lamb kebab

This is what you get when you’re too lazy to walk outside to get lunch, and scrounge around the kitchen for food. The lamb kebab was a leftovers offering from an office-mate. Very tasty it was.


– Grilled salmon with furikake
– Green beans with sesame dressing, recipe from Everyday Harumi


I read the most delicious post about a strawberry yogurt parfait. My version: Jubilee strawberries and mixed nuts with Greek-style yogurt flavoured with rosewater. I’ll do it properly some other day when I’ve got the right ingredients – my rosewater lacked flavour, despite mixing 2 tablespoons of it in.


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