Vietnamese fix at Cafe East

17 Jun


– Spelt toast with the last of the honey bought from Cinque Terre
– Red grapefruit and flat white peach


– Tesco Finest Red Lentil & Tomato soup
– Broccoli, cauliflower & carrot


Papaya, red globe grapes & blueberries


– Banh cuon, shared
– Pho tai
– Sam bo loung (cheng tng)

A big bowl of beef noodles is just the thing you need for a very rainy day. The drinks menu made me squeal with delight – chendol, cheng tng, soya bean milk, coconut juice? It’s just like being back home! Tender beef (albeit a little overdone), flavoursome broth, meaty and satisfying banh cuon. It was a very good meal and worth the rainy trek there. My only problem – Cafe East, why you so far away? Why you no open in West London?

Cafe East
100 Redriff Road 
Surrey Quays
London SE16 7LH


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