Bodean’s for summer solstice

21 Jun

The rain cleared up just in time for the longest day in the year. It was still so light at 9pm today. So lovely.


Spelt toast with cashew butter, red grapefruit & strawberries


Nostrana salad, Pizza Express


Mixed nuts & raisins, blueberries and peppermint tea


Have long wanted to try Bodean’s, but never got round to it (amongst my ever-expanding list of places to try). Tonight was the best opportunity, thanks to a GroupOn deal, which included a platter of pulled pork, ribs, chicken wings, fries & coleslaw, a cocktail and a shot of schnapps plus a Vue movie* ticket for just £15. A really good deal for such a huge amount of food, even if the food was overdone. Still tasty though.

Bodean’s Fulham
4 Broadway Chambers
Fulham Broadway 
London, SW6 1EP 

* Movie of the night Green Lantern is incredibly bad and cheesy. So glad I didn’t pay full price to watch that.


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