A hot weekend

26 Jun

What a scorcher today was! I was practically melting throughout the day. Hot is not a sensation I’ve felt in quite a few months, so it’s a nice change. At least the London heat hasn’t got the steamy humidity of Singapore.

Wondering where Friday’s meals went? Left my phone at home on Friday, so wasn’t able to take any photos. If no photos were taken, do the meals count??*

Saturday: Breakfast

Waitrose maple & nut granola with blueberries, M&S King strawberries and natural Greek yogurt, accompanied by July’s issue of Delicious magazine


– Junk food – chocolate and cantucci biscuits
– Half a chocolate eclair, half Nutella doughnut, Paul


– Starters (shared): fried courgette flowers, spicy sausage with polenta, octopus with basil & peas, radish salad with pecorino cheese, all not pictured
– Main: spicy orecchiette
– Dessert (shared somewhat): wild strawberries with ricotta gelato, almond cake (have forgotten the Italian name), rum baba, chocolate mousse with pig’s blood

Another restaurant I’ve long wanted to try that I can tick off my list. Bocca di Lupo serves great food and has a nice buzzy atmosphere. Standout dishes: spicy sausage, bream baked in salt (my uncle’s friend’s main dish), radish salad (so light and refreshing), rum baba, chocolate mousse with pig’s blood. The last was fantastic. You can’t taste any pig’s blood, but it does give the chocolate a meatier, savoury flavour. Absolutely beautiful.

Bocca di Lupo
12 Archer St
Soho / Piccadilly Circus
London W1D 7BB


Want to get into the W hotel bar on a Saturday night? Just say ‘yes’ when they ask if you’re a guest staying at the hotel. I know, it’s a little naughty. The bar is, as expected from the W, uber hip, with young people dressed in their night-on-the-town best. The cocktails have cute names, like Wesper, Excalibur, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but I’m not overly impressed. My order, Debonair, a vodka mix, wasn’t very strong and didn’t particularly taste of anything. I prefer the drinks at the ECC.

Today: Breakfast

– Irish soda bread with honey and peanut butter
– Cherries & king strawberries

Late lunch

– Non-alcoholic passionfruit mojito
– Field sharing board: baked aubergine puree, char-grilled artichoke, goat’s cheese mousse, roasted Meditarranean vegetables, olives, crisps
– Mixed leaf salad

It was a scorching afternoon. Thank goodness for the coolness of the terrace at Somerset House. Our board was supposed to come with bread, but they forgot it. As I wasn’t going to eat bread anyway, it didn’t matter that much.

Tom’s Terrace
Somerset House 
London WC2R

Before church

I’ve forgotten how stuffy and hot the tube gets during summer. My passionfruit fro-yo with blueberries, kiwi and mochi from Snog was a very much needed cool-down.


– Chicken with onion, butternut squash & mushrooms
– M&S aromatic stir-fry

* What I ate on Friday:


– Spelt toast with cashew butter
– M&S King strawberries


– 1 siew mai, 1 char siew bao
– Tofu in oyster sauce with rice

The dim sum wasn’t great – soggy skin, but the tofu on rice was passable. Why doesn’t Camden have more Chinese restaurants?

Yum Cha
27-28 Chalk Farm Rd
London NW1 8AG

– Chaboba peach bubble tea


– Red globe grapes & king strawberries
– Fresh orange juice


M&S tuna nicoise salad
King strawberries & chocolates


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