Dinner at Hoi An to cure hump day

30 Jun


Spelt muesli with Greek yogurt, strawberries & blueberries


– Japanese rice with furikake
– Roast chicken pieces
– Mixed leaf salad with baby tomatoes
– Tenderstem broccoli & green beans

Yes, that’s a mountain of veg. I do like my greens.


– Cashews
– Dr Karg spelt crispbread
– Raspberries & blueberries
– TWG mint tea


– Papaya salad, shared
– Vermicelli rolls with pork, shared
– Vermicelli bowl with grilled prawns

One of the downsides to living in West London is there are no decent Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Our former favourite Me Me has gone down in standard, which means looking elsewhere for a pho fix. Hoi An is a recent discovery, so we tried it out tonight. The papaya salad hit all the right sharp notes, although the rolls weren’t anything special. I wouldn’t order my vermicelli bowl again, but would definitely go for a bowl of pho next time (I took a sip of J’s broth). On the whole, not too shabby, and will do, for the times I’m too lazy to trek to Kingsland Road or Cafe East.

Hoi An 
351 Fulham Road
West Brompton
London SW10 9TW


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