Eau du Lahore Kebab House

1 Jul


– Matcha marble shoku pan with crunchy peanut butter and honey
– Red grapefruit, raspberries & strawberries


Innocent sweet chilli veg pot


Finishing up fruit so it wouldn’t sit in the office fridge over the weekend. The raspberries from Tesco are really sweet. It’s easy to pop them like candy.

– Strawberries, blueberries & raspberries
– Ginseng tea with manuka honey


I couldn’t get a table at first choice Tayyabs at short notice, so had to ‘settle’ for Lahore Kebab House. It’s still a good meal, although we were disappointed by the masala fish. The meat had been overcooked, so it was dry. Shame, as the spices were interesting and very toothsome. Luckily the rest of the meal made up for that.

– Masala fish
– Bhindi (okra)
– Lamb curry
– Garlic naan

Lahore Kebab House
2 Umberston Street
London E1 1PY


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