Rice cracker crazy

5 Jul

Was so pooped yesterday, I forgot to post Monday’s meals.


One last breakfast with Maddie before saying goodbye to her. It was so fun having her over this weekend and hanging out! We shared eggs & soldiers, but were quite disappointed. The eggs were underdone, and had some bits of white which were still transparent. We ended up only eating half of it. I had to go into the office and eat another breakfast of granola and fruit to supplement my earlier breakfast.

Union Market
472 Fulham Road
Fulham Broadway
London, SW6 1BY


First time trying the super wholefood salad. Quite like it, although I barely tasted the blueberry or mango. Could have done without the second piece of crispbread, but I was greedy.

– Half bowl of M&S Super Green soup
– M&S Super wholefood salad with blueberry & mango
– Two slices of Dr Karg spelt muesli crispbread


– Bowl of cherries, strawberries & blueberries
– Ginseng honey tea


Diet? What diet? I munched my way through half a box of Korean chili rice crackers before realising I was totally spoiling my dinner. That didn’t stop me from eating a massive bowl of Chinese veg, five-spice tofu and mushroooms with onion and sesame seeds. I was so full after that.


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