The diet starts today…ok, tomorrow

7 Jul

I’ve been indulging a leetle too much over the last few weeks (as evidenced by clothes not fitting so well now), so it’s time for a cut-down on the snacking. I started out with very virtuous intentions, but by the time I got home after dinner, the inner snack monster came out and I ate fruit, nuts and Nutella out of the jar while watching The Apprentice. Argh.


Spelt toast with crunchy peanut butter, red grapefruit & blueberries


– Broccoli, spinach & butternut squash
– 1 Dr Karg spelt crispbread


Jazz apple, cherries & strawberries


Why does Leong’s Legend serve their dishes lukewarm? Would it kill them to heat it up a little more first?

– Herbal chicken soup
– Cold tou with’thousand year’ egg
– Green beans with minced pork

Leong’s Legend
4 Macclesfield Street
London W1D 6AX




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