Anime weekend

10 Jul


View from my window

Was a little slug and stayed home all day Saturday eating junk food and watching anime.


Cold soba with with mushroom & red onion & chives


Doughnut peach, orange & some strawberries

Junk food throughout the day, so there was no dinner.



Doughnut peach, blueberries & 1 Dr Karg spelt muesli crispbread with crunchy peanut butter


– Prawn dumplings
– Chive & prawn dumplings
– Xiao long pao
– Beancurd skin rolls
– Char siew pao
– Prawn cheong fun
– Egg tarts
– Herbal jelly

Royal China
13 Queensway
London W2 4QJ


It’s nice to come home and find dinner already prepared for you. Lamb roast with broccolini & green beans.

After dinner

Blueberries & cherries, 2 mini Japanese bean paste cakes


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