This weekend: mahjong and F1

24 Jul


We had people over for the day for a mahjong party. I’ve never actually learnt the game, but just picked up bits and pieces here and there. Won a few games of mahjong for the first time (admittedly with some tutoring). Yay! It’s such a complicated game though – I still have no idea how to get my passport/eye.


1 banana before going to the gym


Roast pork with crackling and mixed veggies


Moving on from a very English roast to homemade sago gula melaka and kueh dadar. Sooo incredibly happy.


When you’re offered a slice of homemade flourless chocolate cake, it’s rude to say no. Fact.


So much food! We had Thai food delivered – green curry chicken, beef massaman, sea bass with tamarind sauce, chicken, pad thai and fried rice. Oh, and also homemade chicken and pork rib soup.


Went to Canary Wharf to watch the F1 and after a late lunch, walked home from Green Park.


Greek-style yogurt with peach, strawberries, banana with mint and Manuka honey


Vermicelli with pork at Cafe East


Slowly eating my way through our massive pot of pork & chicken soup from last night’s mahjong party

After dinner

– Sago gula melaka & flourless chocolate cake
– 1 M&S blackforest cookie
– 1 Braeburn apple


2 Responses to “This weekend: mahjong and F1”

  1. Patrick Seow July 25, 2011 at 1:30 am #

    The sago gula melaka looks good. Who made it? You?

    • Jia July 25, 2011 at 10:39 am #

      No, May Ling did. She said she knows you – you used to work together at Batey.

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