Revival of the Alphabet Dining Club

4 Aug

A group of us formed an Alphabet Dining club as a way to try different restaurants and cuisines every month. We pick a restaurant that starts with a letter of the alphabet (starting from A and hopefully, we’ll make our way to Z) and make sure we don’t repeat cuisines. It stalled slightly over the last few months with people travelling and being busy with work. Also, we didn’t quite stick to the rules, as we jumped 4 letters ahead to ‘L’ because one of the girls wanted to try a Cambodian restaurant. Rules are meant to be broken, anyways.


– Rye & pumpernickel toast with hazelnut butter & sliced banana
– Strawberries & blueberries


Had to do a little shopping for a photoshoot around Camden, so I took the opportunity to have a nice lunch at Yumchaa. It’s such a charming place for a bite.

– Felafel sandwich
– Wild rose tea

35-37 Parkway
Camden Town
London NW1 7PN


Lemongrass is a tiny place tucked away on a quiet street near the Camden Road rail station. I feel like they deserve more attention, because everything they serve is well cooked and delicious. We were hoping for more Cambodian curries, but most of their dishes seem to have more of a Chinese influence. Nevertheless, with such tasty food and attentive service, I’d definitely go back for the Buddhist cabbage (which my friend ordered) and the Lok Luk steak.

– Lemon & garlic mushrooms
– Phnom Penh chicken
– Spiced vegetables
– Fresh mango

243 Royal College Street
London NW1 9LT


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