Weekend eats: BBQ & homemade wantons

18 Aug

Yes, I’ve been MIA lately. Life just got in the way, and I found myself not being able to keep up with posting. Meals below are from a couple of weekends ago.



Rude Health The Ultimate Muesli with peach & blackberries in Sojade soy yogurt


Grilled mackerel and broccoli (leftovers from Union Market)


Went to friends’ place for a bbq (hopefully not the last of the year!), and was too busy pigging out to take pictures. I ate a lot of ribs, chicken wings, beef (soo beautifully marinaded) and a bunch of Vietnamese salads prepared by J. And finished off with some cake. What’s a party without cake?



Banana, papaya & nectarine


We had some people over for lunch for a wanton-making party.  There was also an attempt to make the pork miso udon from Koya, but we were too stuffed to try the udon. I love impromptu feasts!

– Homemade wantons
– Veggies: leek & peas, baby snaps & broccoli with black sesame
– Roast duck, char siew, siew yoke, yap pun tofu (new discovery: yum!), takeaway from Gold Mine
– Dessert: homemade lemon drizzle cake (made by a guest, not me), cherries


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