Meals from Billingsgate market

7 Jun

Hello? Hello? OH HAI! It’s been a loong time.

I’ve realised that documenting what I’ve been eating makes me more responsible with what I put in my mouth. People tell me that I’m so disciplined with my diet. They think I’m super healthy and have such self control. It’s a lie. I’m a secret snacker. When no one’s watching and I’m all alone in my room, I sit curled up with my laptop and stuff my face with snacks. Lately, it’s been bars and bars of Ritter Sport chocolate (I went a little nuts with the chocolate-buying, while waiting for a flight from Berlin airport), ginger oat biscuits, rice crackers, mixed nuts and sultanas…and yes, that can be all in one sitting. No wonder I’m spilling out of my jeans now. Muffin tops are so not cute.

That’s why I thought it’s high time I attempt to curb the snack monster, and start documenting the eats again. I thought I’d start by showing some amazing meals we made out of a trip to Billingsgate market a few weeks ago.

After 4 years living in London, I managed to peel myself out of bed around 4 one Saturday morning and drove there with a few friends. We got there at 5.45am, and already the market was teaming with people. We were very tickled that most of the people buying from the market were Asians. Since the market sells to trade, you have to buy in bulk. You can’t just rock up and ask for one little filet of sea bass. It took a lot of self-control not to buy everything I laid eyes on, but I knew we couldn’t possibly eat everything in one weekend. In the end, I made away with 2 kg of prawns, a massive half filet of salmon and 1 sea bream. And oh what meals we had out of this modest haul!

When you have super fresh seafood, the less you mess around with it, the better. We simply boiled the prawns, and ate them with a little squeeze of fresh lemon over. As for the salmon, I added a little salt, olive oil, fresh herbs from the garden and lemon, wrapped it in foil and baked. With some buttered baby potatoes, honey-roasted carrots and white wine, it was a simple lunch, but tasted like pure heaven.

For dinner, I knocked together a soup with a miso base, and flavoured with prawn heads and the tender fatty bit of the salmon belly. Boil, boil, boil until the soup turns a beautiful orange, throw in some tofu and Japanese konjac noodles, and it’s a satisfying and healthy meal.

For lunch on Sunday, I decided to tackle the whole sea bream. My favourite way to eat fish is to steam it the Cantonese way, and eaten with a sesame & soy sauce with lots of coriander and ginger. This was also my first time scaling and gutting a fish. It’s not so bad once you get used to the feel of the fish’s innards.

I’d love to make the Billingsgate trips a monthly occurrence, but let’s face it, getting up so early in the morning is a huge challenge. We’ll see. Meanwhile, if you live in the UK, there’s a really interesting BBC documentary about the Billingsgate market.


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