Berlin eats. Genau.

11 Jun

I was in Berlin for about a week and a half for work, which was great. I’d never had the opportunity to explore the city previously, and now I finally had a chance to see how cool it is. I love the place – it’s filled with interesting architecture, friendly people, lovely cafes, and to top it off, affordable prices. Can’t wait to go back there again!


I absolutely love the way yoghurt is served here. There’s a little deli around the corner from the office in Kreuzberg (it’s the Berlin equivalent of London’s Shoreditch), and for most of the week, I would pop in to get a €2 pot of muesli with yoghurt, chocolate and cherry compote.

It’s a cute custom for the German team to get together every Monday morning for breakfast. We had a huge spread of breads, ham, cheese, eggs, chocolate cake and little pots of yoghurt.

The German breads are also absolutely delicious, filled with nuts and seeds. I bought a couple of rolls from a market hall near my apartment, and enjoyed one of them for breakfast over the weekend.

Little eats

I don’t normally eat kebabs, but when you’ve got a very well-regarded kebab stand within walking distance of your apartment, it’s silly not to go and try. Mustafa’s just a little shack by the side of a road outside the Mehringdamm station, but it’s obviously an institution, as when I got there, there was a long queue. It took 45 min of waiting, but it was worth the wait for my durum chock full of fresh veggies and tasty sauces.

Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap
Mehringdamm 32
10961 Berlin

Mention that you’re going to Berlin, and you’re inevitably asked if you’ve tried currywurst. Just a few steps away from Mustafa’s is Curry 36, another institution that purportedly serves one of Berlin’s finest. Sadly, this wasn’t the culinary discovery I was expected. It just tasted like some sausages with ketchup and curry powder. Well, it had to be done.

Curry 36
Mehringdamm 36
10961 Berlin

It’s lucky I came across David Lebovitz’s post on Berlin, as it alerted me to Barcomi’s. There was a branch very close to my apartment (I seemed to be really lucky with my location), so I managed to pop in and buy a slice of New York cheesecake to have with my tea back at home. It was such a little slice of heaven, that when I was around Mitte over the weekend, I popped into the deli and had a slice of caramel cake. The caramel cake was good, but it was definitely the cheesecake that took the cake. Just thinking of that makes my mouth water.

Bergmannstraße 21
10961 Berlin

Sophienstr. 21
10178 Berlin

Lunch & Dinner

Quick little sandwich at The Barn

A very welcome bagel while doing a walking tour of Potsdam

Delicious schnitzel the size of my head with vinegared cucumber salad and Radler (beer and lemonade) one lovely evening after work.

Bergmannstraße 30
10961 Berlin 

Unlike the Korean restaurants in London, ban-chan is served for free here. I had a kimchi pajeon (not pictured), which wasn’t anything special, but the jab chae was pretty tasty. Portions were big, so I ended up doggy-bagging the rest and had it for dinner the next night.

Kimchi Princess
Skalitzer Str. 36
10999 Berlin

There was a lot of Japanese restaurants in Berlin, but I didn’t seem to have any luck finding a good one. This chirashi sushi was one of the better places I ate at.

Zossener Straße 18
10961 Berlin 

Big bowl of lemongrass tea and wanton soup after a long day of walking around the city

Monsieur Vuong
Alte Schönhauser Str. 46
10119 Berlin


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