New York, New York

13 Jun

I still can’t believe half the year’s gone by. How did this happen? I’m still living somewhere in March, which is around the time I was in New York for a few days for a media junket. Because time was tight and I had a deadline to reach, I didn’t have much chance to go out and try all the fabulous places to eat. At least I managed a couple of visits to Shake Shack, Momofuku and a couple of cool jazz bars.

Much of the time was spent holed up in the very comfortable hotel room prepping and transcribing my interviews. The good thing was it allowed me to order room service – a bowl of fruit and some tea.

I love movie companies that provide food while you wait for your interviews. This particular junket was at the Ritz Carlton, and among the yummy buffet, was this absolutely delish chocolate peanut butter cake.

I went to Shake Shack twice. Mainly because the bird dog I had on my first visit was so dissatisfying, I felt I had to go back again to understand what everyone was raving about. The cheese fries are pure feel-good American junk food and the burger is a great example of a very good fast-food burger.

Much has been made of the Momofuku chain, and fortunately, there was a má pêche and Milk Bar just down the road from my hotel. I went to má pêche for a quick lunch, where I struggled over ordering the pork bun or banh mi. Banh mi eventually won out, but looking back, I think I should have been greedy and just ordered both. The cookies I bought back to nibble on while working. The cookies, sugary delights I enjoyed, in truth tasted just like any other regular well baked cookies.


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