Hello world! I’m Jia. I’m from Singapore, but now live in London.

I’m hoping to take a picture of every meal I take, whether it’s something I’ve cooked or eating out somewhere. And I might post photos of my baking exploits, with the odd recipe thrown in every now and then.

Being a true blue Azn, I’ve been taking pictures of my food for years, but wasn’t doing much about them beyond inflicting them on my Facebook friends. I’m trying to eat healthily nowadays (being in your 30s isn’t so great for the metabolism), so I hope this blog of daily eats is a good reminder to myself not to stuff my face with loads of chocolate and pork belly.

Oh yes, the name of the blog. ‘Jiak’ is the Hokkien word for ‘eat’, and it’s one of the rare Hokkien words I know, as it was something my paternal grandmother always said when I went to her house as a child for Saturday dinners. “Jiak, jiak!”, she’d say, when she saw the mountain of food she’d prepared didn’t look like it was diminishing.

If you want to chat more, you can find me on Twitter.

Want more food pron? Here are my daily eats pre-blog.


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