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Chocolate talk: Montezuma’s Spice It Up bar

29 May

I love the heat and kick ginger brings to dishes. One of my favourite drinks is teh halia (ginger tea), a super spicy brew I make at home with lots of sliced ginger and a knotted pandan leaf thrown in, and drunk with a dollop of honey.

When it comes to baking, one of the best chocolate and ginger combinations I’ve had was Pierre Herme’s apricot and ginger chocolate loaf cake from Chocolate Desserts. It’s a fantastic combination, with the honey of apricots contrasting nicely with spicy stem ginger, giving the dark chocolate loaf a pleasant spicy kick.

So when it came to Montezuma’s Spice It Up bar with Dragon Ginger pieces, I was expecting a similar taste sensation. Strong, punchy flavours of dark chocolate and fiery ginger. Unfortunately, while the 71% cocoa bar itself is a wonderful flavour, I barely could taste any ginger. It’ll need much more ginger pieces to spice up my life. Boo. Such a shame.


Chocolate talk: Meiji Marron bar

20 Apr

I love chestnuts and I love chocolate, so it’s like the perfect marriage of two yum flavours. And then finish it up with some pretty packaging, and that chocolate bar is super-confirmed in my shopping basket. I spotted this tantalising-looking bar in the sweets aisle at Japan Centre a couple of weeks ago, and immediately pounced on it. Could this be the taste sensation I’ve been dreaming of?

Sadly, no. The chocolate tasted like…coffee. Eh? I seriously thought a mistake had been made at the packing stage at the chocolate factory. I strained every tastebud in my tongue and tried to detect any chestnutty taste. My tastebuds said no. On top of that, the chocolate had the waxy taste of cheap chocolate, and left an unpleasant residue in my mouth.

I tried to like you, Meiji Marron chocolate. But sadly, this wasn’t meant to be. You can tempt me with your pretty looks, but I won’t be swayed next time.